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Funeral Flowers


At Barn to Bouquet we believe in creating beautiful and lasting tributes that honor memories while minimising environmental impact. Our sustainable funeral flowers are crafted using eco-friendly techniques, with options for fully compostable arrangements or arrangements in recyclable or reusable containers like vases. We never use floral foam, floristry wire, or tape, eliminating unnecessary waste and ensuring each piece is thoughtfully designed. Additionally, we incorporate a beautiful blend of locally sourced UK-grown flowers alongside carefully selected imported materials throughout the year. This commitment to local sourcing supports our community while offering a wide variety of fresh and seasonal blooms.

Casket Spray

Here at Barn to Bouquet we offer Casket sprays. A Casket spray is a beautiful floral arrangement which is then placed on top of the casket during a funeral or memorial service.


Casket spray.jpg


A Sympathy Sheaf is a graceful, flat bouquet of flowers and foliage, artfully crafted to rest gently upon a coffin or grave. This delicate arrangement, meticulously hand-tied, offers a poignant tribute to honor and remember a loved one. Whether placed directly on the final resting place or offered as a compassionate gesture to the grieving family, the Sympathy Sheaf serves as a tender expression of sympathy and support during their time of loss.

Memorial Wreath's

The Living Plant Memorial Wreath is a heartfelt tribute that combines the timeless beauty of a wreath with the enduring presence of living plants.

Carefully crafted with lush greenery and delicate blooms, this living memorial honours the memory of a loved one in a unique and meaningful way. Each plant within the wreath represents life, growth, and remembrance, creating a lasting symbol of comfort and solace.

A symbol of continuity, the funeral wreath represents the circle of eternal life.

mem wreath 2.jpg
Memorial Wreath

Having a bespoke quote, tailored just for your needs is so important. No two memorials are are the same, and we want to ensure we are providing you with exactly what you want, bringing your visions to life.

For more information on this please fill out the form below and we will get back to you  arrange a phone consultation you ASAP


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